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“Boom Boom Bruno”, a macho man in the world of transvestites | TV

Boom Boom Bruno a macho man in the world of

Apparently Bruno is an alpha male, an individual from a community that holds the highest rank and leads them. In reality he is a policeman from a small and indeterminate town or from an outskirts of an unknown German town and with the pretensions of being a sheriff, with a cowboy hat and boots, blinded by American popular culture, corpulent and with a young and young man more shy Assistant who hasn't quite decided to come out of the closet yet. The two have to solve the murder of Sugar Candy, a drag queen. And this murder introduces them fully to the peculiar underworld run by Lady Lovelyn, owner and lady of the equally peculiar local cabaret, which they will of course see with different looks and different attitudes: that of the alpha male with a certain reserve and that of the man in the closet, with deeply felt fascination.

A strange couple who live between a harsh reality and unsatisfied desires, while at the same time everyday life breaks down the personal shells, that distance that instinctively tries to preserve the privacy of each individual. Boom Boom Bruno and its six-episode season on HBO Max is a series that, within the framework of a traditional police plot, also develops some reflections on human behavior, its misery and its greatness, and in that sense it is worth watching To highlight the behavior of Transformers, those individuals who are able to overcome the meanness of everyday life through the mere act of dressing and putting on makeup, aware that exaggeration is one of the fine arts. After the transformation, the problems remain, at least temporarily.

Bruno, a correct Ben Becker, will gradually come to believe that he is not as great a leader as he thought, nor will his wishes be fulfilled that his deputy achieve the presumed masculinity that he attributes to himself and his timid assistant Mark, also correct, Vincent zur Linden, will win. in security, even in courage, by ceasing to hide his homosexuality. In the plot conceived by Kerstin Laudascher and directed by Maurice Hübner, the protagonists of “Boom Boom Bruno” live their personal traumas in the present, unlike in most murder series in which the executioners usually have a traumatic past. But all the dissatisfaction is diluted as the investigation progresses, until it leads to an ending that, although it doesn't reach the sweetness of Frank Capra, leaves a good taste in the audience's mouth.

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