Boxing Mission accomplished for Kim Clavel

Boxing: Mission accomplished for Kim Clavel

Kim Clavel wanted to prove that she is still in the game and can say that she accomplished her mission. Determined and methodical, she defeated the strong Mexican Naomi Arellano Reyes by unanimous decision yesterday in front of 2,229 spectators at the Place Bell in Laval.

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Clavel (17-1, 3 KOs) thus secured the WBO intercontinental and WBC international belts and, most importantly, became a mandatory middle flyweight contender in both associations.

“She was very tough and extremely tough,” Clavel said in the middle of the ring after hitting 96-94, 98-92 and 98-92. He’s the most powerful opponent I’ve ever met. She had 5 KOs so I was careful.

Kim Clavel smashed Naomi Arellano Reyes' nose at Place Bell in Laval yesterday.


Kim Clavel smashed Naomi Arellano Reyes’ nose at Place Bell in Laval yesterday.

The 32-year-old Quebecois is on course to regain her world title lost to Yesica Nery Plata in the same amphitheater in January.

“Coming back after a loss is not easy. You have to talk to yourself in your head, it takes courage and work, she added at a press conference. […] It wasn’t perfect, but I found a way to win.

A wound and a doubt

A laceration to the left forehead bone from a header from Reyes (9-3, 5 KOs) in round eight and an uppercut on the final attack didn’t dampen his enthusiasm. She emerged victorious from most trades.

However, she may have been a little scared when she injured herself above one eye.

“It happened in a second, but I wasn’t discouraged. I say to myself, “Hold on to my girl, fight to the end.” I felt it, I couldn’t see as the blood rushed to my eyes. I tell myself to put my hand up to protect myself and that I would give him this fight. It wasn’t always fancy, but I gave it my all to win.

“I needed all my courage in my heart,” the crowd favorite continued. I talked to myself like that wasn’t possible. Boxing is difficult, not everyone can do it. We do it for us, for you, to promote women’s boxing, we do it out of passion for the sport. I love this sport very much. It hurts me, but at the same time it makes me feel good.

Clavel could be back in action in October, but until then she’s dreaming of her next continental breakfast at the hotel.