Brando39s choice Beatriz39s desperate request to Maria De Filippi Please

Brando's choice, Beatriz's desperate request to Maria De Filippi: “Please”

Beatriz gives in to “Men and Women” and appeals to the moderator: Brando's admirer has really made it.

There Brando's choice not only keeps the audience of Men and Women in suspense, but also the two admirers the Tronista meets: Raffaella and Beatriz. The latter made a desperate appeal to Maria De Filippi.

Brando's choice, Beatriz's request to Maria (IG Miglioredonne) –

It often happens that requests are made to the moderator, but no one expected that Beatriz could actually ask them and instead it happened.

Men and women, Beatriz's request to Maria De Filippi

Brando's two admirers seem really exhausted by the Tronista's indecision. In the The episode of Men and Women aired on Wednesday, March 6th One of the usual discussions about the now familiar triangle took place.

Beatriz, the request to Maria De Filippi to men and women (IG Menedonne) –

Brando keeps repeating that he has no certaintyRaffaella, for her part, fears that if she were, the choice would be a rational one and not a heartfelt one Beatriz She's tired of waiting. Just her at a certain point She turned to Maria De Filippi to make them what appeared a call desperate.

The admirer He asked the host to give Brando time, a request with which he wanted to give the Tronista a kind of maximum limit within which he can choose: “Maria, please give him some time”, these are his words. This is because the boy seems to be on the verge of making a decision for weeks, but never reaches the final step. And so Raffaella and Beatriz wait to find out what the handsome Tronista will decide.

However, while waiting there is no shortage of arguments, tears and disappointments. RaffaellaFor example, he even went so far as to tell Brando that it would be a “no” if he chose her. Which was then recorded again in the recording of the next episode. BeatrizInstead, accuses the Tronista of being too rational and spending too much time thinking about things without experiencing them. This back and forth seems to have tired not only the two admirers, but also the viewers.

The comments under the videos of the episodes in which Brando is the protagonist are often not very kind towards the Tronista, many believe that it is time to decide. In the meantime Raffaella seemed very angry with Brando and Beatriz herself does not seem to be calm, waiting to see which of them will be the choice, she never misses an opportunity to argue. The two girls often clash, after all they are both “competing” for the Tronista.