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Brazil, Lula ‘retakes’ forces. 16 soldiers from the Security Cabinet,…

After admitting that he had lost faith in her armed forces, their role in the attacks institutions The last January 8th seems to become more and more important as the year goes on investigationsthe President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva it went down the drain. As a first measure to distrust i Military, The head of state has pushed for a “reclaim” of the presidency’s security structures with the relocation of dozens belonging to the armed forces. Everything as stated above government To fill positions of trust in the palaces and for this reason to get rid of “Bolsonarists” unequivocally considered by Lula. In two days lula he freed 72. The first to be returned barracks 40 soldiers worked on the security of the President’s official residence Alvorada Palace. In particular, these are college graduates and non-commissioned officers (soldiers, non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers).

The most important action of lula was conducted at the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), a ministry-like structure that coordinates government intelligence activities and is responsible for overseeing matters of “potential risk” to institutional stability, as well as ensuring the president’s personal security is the republic. entrusted to the general Augustus Helenusfor the past four years, the Gsi had been forged in the image of Bolsonaro. A total of 16 soldiers left the facility. It’s about officers who had the functions of coordinators and supervisors and operated between them Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Three worked as military technical advisers in the overall coordination of the President’s security operations. Among them the army lieutenant colonel Marcelo Ustra da Silva SoaresThe Colonel’s cousin Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustrais considered one of the main torturers of the military dictatorship (1964-1985). UstraHe died in 2015 at the age of 83 and commanded the 1970-1974 doi codithe dictatorship’s organ of repression, in which torture, murders and enforced disappearances were registered. Ustra is considered a national “hero” of bolsonaro, who “dedicated” to him the vote in favor of impeachment of the President in the House of Representatives in 2016 Dilma RousseffVictims of torture during the dictatorship.

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The “complaint” in the security structures is part of the institutional clash following the allegations created by lula against i military for the “underhand” role in attacking Parliament, Supreme Court and presidency. “I am convinced that the door of the Planalto was opened because i vandals could enter, as there are no signs of a break-in. Someone helped them board,” he said lula in an interview. The President, who entrusted him with his personal escort as soon as he took office Federal Policewho took her away from the army also expected to entrust her safety to the people who have been working with him since 2010 president he also announced that he had not yet chosen an aide-de-camp. As a reason, lula he cited published death threats from some military. Including the sergeant former driver of the minister Heleno and frequent visitor to the camp of the President’s supporters Jair Bolsonaro near Army Headquarters a Brazil. “I read in the newspaper that there is a driver Heleno who wants to kill me Another says he wants to shoot me in the head. How can I open the door of my office a person who can shoot me?” he said.

To try to tone it down lula however, he recalled the “good relations” with the military during his previous tenures, defining the passage of Bolsonaro as an “earthquake” that “changed the behavior of many people”. in his previous reigns lula it had indeed guaranteed large investments to the sector defense, which favors the modernization of means and structures. Instead, the approach is different Bolsonaro which focused on personal benefits, especially for officers: salaries, bonuses and pensions. He has also turned the military into a political party, entrusting thousands of public and government posts to military officials. Despite lula indicated during the election campaign that he did not want to touch it advantages already earned, remains loyal to a part of the armed forces Bolsonaro and suspicious of the former trade unionist. In view of the current explosive situation, the government has set itself the goal of pacifying the relationship lula and the armed forces isolating Bolsonarists and returning the military to barracks from the palaces of power. No easy task entrusted to the ministers of the Civil House, Rui Costaand defense, Jose Mucio Monteiro.