Brazil toughens tone at UN calls on The Hague to

Brazil toughens tone at UN, calls on The Hague to respond to complaints against Israel Check

“The interim measures requested by South Africa to the International Court of Justice with the aim of averting the threat of genocide and demanding “the immediate cessation of military operations in and against Gaza” are very urgent and necessary,” said Brazil’s ambassador to the United Nations , Sergio Danese.

“The opinion requested by the main judicial body of the United Nations can not only enable the necessary humanitarian assistance and save the lives of civilians, but also contribute to the creation of an environment conducive to the restoration of political dialogue and the resumption of negotiations towards a solution between two states .”, he argued.

For him, the call for a ceasefire in Gaza does not address the fundamental causes of the conflict, which are necessary for lasting peace in the region. “However, a ceasefire now may be the only alternative that can preserve the international community’s ability to do so at a later date,” he said.

“There can be no military solution to the deeprooted causes of tension and hostilities. Further military action will only increase resentment and hatred and ultimately perpetuate the cycle of violence, with damaging consequences for the entire region and the world,” he warned.

“Beyond Gaza, the West Bank, the Red Sea, Yemen, along the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and of course Israel, the escalation of hostilities and new security incidents appear to be directly related to this increase. “I feel a sense of distrust and total disregard for international law, motivated by our collective inability to prevent the tragedy in Gaza, ensure accountability and pave the way for a genuine and effective peace process,” he said.

According to the government's assessment, there is no alternative but to move decisively towards a twostate solution, “with a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel in peace and security, within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders.”