Brazilian tourist is gang raped in India

Brazilian tourist is gang raped in India

A brutal and heinous crime took place in India on Friday (1st). According to information from local police and extensive media coverage, a Brazilian tourist was the victim of a gang rape. The shocking incident took place in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Local police reported that they have already identified everyone involved in the crime and have already arrested three of them.

The facts that preceded the crime

The report published by The Print portal shows that the victim was on a motorcycle tour across the country with a friend of Spanish origin. The couple was on their way to Nepal and decided to stay overnight in Dumka district. Unfortunately, they had no idea of ​​the horror that awaited them. According to the authorities, the suspects are residents of the region.

Victims talk about what happened

In a video shared on social media, which shows the couple visibly shaken and with bruises on their faces, the Brazilian recounts the horrific experience. “Something happened to us that we wouldn't wish on anyone. Seven men raped me, beat us and robbed us. They didn't take many things because they wanted to rape me. We are at the hospital with the police. This happened here in India this evening” said the Brazilian with a trembling voice.

Seek assistance from Brazilian authorities

The CNN team tried to contact the Brazilian embassy in India and Itamaraty to get more information and find out what action will be taken regarding the case, but so far there has been no response.

This is another unfortunate episode that highlights violence and the ongoing fight against sexual violence against women around the world. It is sad and shocking to see that these crimes continue to happen in 2023. The fight for justice and ensuring women's rights continues and must be strengthened every day.