Break in at Rufus Wainwright39s house for sale

Break-in at Rufus Wainwright's house, for sale

“The time has come…Jorn and I are selling our beautiful house in Laurel Canyon,” announced the musician, who spent his childhood in Montreal and has lived in this Los Angeles property since 2016.

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He states that he composed the album Unfollow The Rules, which contains one of his favorite songs, Peaceful Afternoon. Not following the rules exactly seems to be the philosophy behind the design of this strange 1926 Norman-style house.

Each room has a special ambiance with pianos galore, animal furs, modern or antique furniture, bright colors and unusual arrangements. It all seems pretty busy, but with this glimpse into the artist's personal life we ​​can take the time to observe the many confusing components of his living environment.

The description on the real estate agency's website is quite general; However, the detail sheet shows that it has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and has a living area of ​​2,119 square feet (approx. 197 square meters), with the plot being 5,299 square feet (approx. 492 square meters). Starting price: $2,200,000, or almost $3 million CAD.

Rufus Wainwright says he plans to stay with his family in a new neighborhood in Los Angeles.