Breakfast Talk About Nikita Pelizon Celebrity Big Brother GFVIP

Breakfast Talk About Nikita Pelizon Celebrity Big Brother | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

It’s a new day in the most spied house in Italy and after an episode full of emotions, clashes and comparisons, the Vipponi are ready to start their day in the best possible way.

In the kitchen while enjoying a healthy and slow breakfast, Onestini, Oriana and Wilma commenting on last night’s live broadcast and, most importantly, expressing thoughts about their adventure companion Nikita and how his path to Big Brother develops.

The VIPs claim that they have noticed that the model always talks to the same people and that they have not increased their knowledge despite the fact that new tenants keep entering the house.

Wilma, on the other hand, admits that she noticed Daniele’s interest in the VIP, but the beautiful Venezuelan, in her opinion, denies this observation and excludes a possible turn of the influencer to the model. “I see the settings,” Oriana says immediately, referring to the way her fellow adventurers behave.

“In my opinion yes,” replies the singer, referring instead to the intimate relationship between the two tenants. The VIPs continue to discuss and comment on their adventure companion’s journey indoors, and Onestini, in an accusatory tone, notes his opinion that Nikita is not a clear and transparent person. What will direct interest think of these comments?