Brian Austin Green addresses Vanessa Marcil with Megan

Brian Austin Green addresses Vanessa Marcil with Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green brings Megan Fox to Vanessa Marcil


If you’re completely bored on this boring day, looking for some more niche celebrity drama, and wondering where this week could possibly take us, may I suggest: Brian Austin Green is messy on Instagram with his ex, Vanessa Marcil.

For context, Brian and Vanessa met on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210 and welcomed child Kassius in 2002, who split shortly thereafter. Brian then started dating Megan Fox when she was 18 in 2004, having three children with her before the couple split in 2020. Brian welcomed his fifth child with Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess last year.

Vanessa and Brian have had a difficult history for a long time – she previously accused him of not seeing his son in five years and said of Brian: “He’s a very angry/sad person who’s still too ashamed to go.” to take full responsibility for his actions as a father.”

Well, Vanessa was asked on Instagram earlier this week if “co-parenting [has] been difficult,” to which she replied, “We weren’t and aren’t co-parents. I raised my son alone. But Doctor Shefali has amazing books that can help in any parenting situation.”

Brian didn’t seem too pleased with this response as he reposted her response to his own story, writing, “I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to hear continued lies from a 50+ woman on social media like her reading is still in high school.”

“She has never been someone to walk the path in her life. Talking is cheap,” he continued, before mentioning his ex-wife, “Megan and I work our ass off to give Kass a well-rounded childhood since his mom was rarely around. ”

“I suppose that’s why she’s posting so much of him now,” he concluded. “When is she going to just WALK AWAY.”

For what it’s worth, Kassius himself doesn’t appear to be following any of his parents on Instagram right now – but he does follow Megan Fox!