Bride Skips Wedding to Pay Less for Makeup and Salon Revolts: “Scammer Itatiaia

A newlywed went viral on Tik Tok this Thursday (25) when she shared how difficult it was to get an affordable price for her makeup for her wedding reception.

In a video with more than 2 million views, biomedical doctor Bruna Eloísa from Brasília (DF) revealed that she was only able to pay for the service by omitting her fiancé status and that she received a “slap” from the salon after the ceremony.

The wedding took place last Saturday (21). But contrary to what it seems, preparing for the party wasn't the couple's biggest problem.

According to Bruna, the biggest difficulty was the cost of makeup and hair for the dream wedding day.

She says she contacted several makeup artists who only sold exclusive packages for brides at inflated prices and would not accept creating a social look for the ceremony.

“I couldn't and didn't want to pay for the bridal makeup. I just wanted makeup and brides don't have a choice in every aspect, be it the dress or the hair. “Everything for brides is overpriced”

The cheapest package he found cost R$1,000, including makeup, coffee break and dressing advice.

“We had no choice: package or no makeup,” said Bruna Eloísa.

Secret plan

Aware of the reality of the market, she decided to sign a contract with a salon to do “social makeup” on her wedding day as if she were a guest, disregarding her bride status.

In other words, Bruna Eloísa paid the usual price for her makeup and hair for the longawaited day.

She took her mother and sisterinlaw to make the arrangement at the same place and also paid an advance payment of R$50 each.

At no point did they announce their plan to pay less and left without providing any satisfaction.

However, after the wedding, the wife was surprised by a “text message” from the beauty salon on Whatsapp that she had discovered from the wedding party at the weekend.


The bride was called a “fraud” by the makeup artist and accused of “neglect” for concealing her marriage plan by paying the usual amount.

Salons claim that a bride's treatment should cost more because it requires more time and special treatment to prevent tears and increase the durability of makeup.

Bruna questioned the excessive fees on Tik Tok.

“(The salon) stopped spending time with me, the products were the same. The bride doesn't want all these perks, this special service. She just wants makeup,” he said.

She also complains about the accusation of “tear protection”, as if guests and witnesses sometimes don’t cry at weddings.

The salon also complained that the bride unfollowed their Instagram because they believed she was afraid they would find out about her wedding party.

“If I had been (scared), I would have blocked her on all social media and tried to hide it. And I didn't do that. “It was there, for anyone who wanted to see it,” Bruna replied.

Although the bride did not agree with the criticism, she apologized on the “Textão” for neglecting her true intentions and was ridiculed.

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