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Britain unveils new military laser with impressive capabilities – I24NEWS – i24NEWS in English

The United Kingdom on Friday unveiled its latest advance in military technology, the DragonFire laser, an innovation that promises to significantly transform the effectiveness of air defense while reducing costs. Officially unveiled by the UK Ministry of Defense, DragonFire stands out for its impressive capabilities, especially in the current context where drones play a predominant role in conflicts such as Ukraine or the Red Sea.

The weapon, taken from a science fiction film or video game, is capable of emitting a laser beam that can reach a target the size of a 2 euro coin at the speed of light and at a distance of up to one kilometer. According to the UK Ministry of Defense press release, “The DragonFire laser-guided energy weapon system has achieved first high-performance firing in very successful tests,” marking a first in the UK air force field.

The British Army highlights the DragonFire's pinpoint accuracy and low long-term operating costs. “Turning it on for 10 seconds is equivalent to the cost of using an ordinary radiator for just one hour,” says the UK. In addition, the operating costs of the laser are typically less than 10 euros per shot, making it a cost-effective and long-term alternative to some functions currently performed by rockets.

The Army and Royal Navy are considering integrating this technology into their future air defense capabilities. “This type of advanced weaponry has the potential to revolutionize the battlefield by reducing reliance on expensive ammunition while reducing the risk of collateral damage,” said Defense Secretary Grant Shapp. The DragonFire system is the result of a joint investment of £100 million.