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Britain wants to ban disposable electronic cigarettes news

Disposable e-cigarettes will be banned in the UK to protect minors. The British government announced today that the objective is to combat the increase in consumption among young people and protect children's health.

To achieve this, the choice of flavors must be limited. Manufacturers would have to produce simpler, less visually appealing packaging, it was said.

Disposable electronic cigarettes or disposable vaporizers may also only be offered out of sight of minors and away from products such as sweets intended for children. The rise in the use of e-cigarettes among minors is one of the most worrying trends, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said.

Parliamentary approval is pending

The long-term effects are unknown and the nicotine it contains can be addictive. “Therefore, vaping can be a useful tool to help smokers quit. However, marketing vapes to minors is not acceptable,” Sunak said. Parliament in London still needs to approve the plan.

Health and environmental activists welcomed the move. An estimated five million disposable vaporizers are thrown away every week. Last year there were 1.3 million. Around one in ten young people in the UK aged 11 to 15 use e-cigarettes.