Brock Purdy39s NFL Scouting Combine rating has been recalled by

Brock Purdy's NFL Scouting Combine rating has been recalled by Adam Peters – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

INDIANAPOLIS – Two years ago, new Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters was at the NFL Scouting Combine to evaluate an unknown quarterback named Brock Purdy.

The former 49ers manager recalled what he saw in the young quarterback that suggested he had a chance at NFL success.

“With Brock, he was really always calm,” Peters said this week. “The way he is now, he's the same guy every day and his tape really turned us on. Then you get to know the person. That was just a small part of the process.”

Peters explained that anyone who participates in the association can evaluate the talent they see in the players on the field and, of course, take a look at each prospect's college film. He believed that Purdy had what it took to be a great partner.

“His tape and everything he did at Iowa State and how well he played and how well he played the position, we thought he could fit into our scheme really well,” Peters said.

The combine is often the first “touch point” for many team members with all sorts of college prospects. Peters explained how important face-to-face meetings can be in addition to the thorough medical examinations performed.

Peters believes teams most often make mistakes when it comes to who the player is as a person. As for Purdy, the 49ers knew they had a hard worker who was respected by his teammates.

“The biggest mistakes you make are with the person rather than the actual talent,” Peters said. “I think we're all here to evaluate talent for a reason, but understanding what makes that person tick and how they fit into your locker room and your particular culture is the biggest mistake you can make .”

Peters and the 49ers' personnel department clearly outperformed the Purdy selection with the No. 262 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Now the first-year Washington manager is tasked with searching for the “next Brock Purdy.”

“If we thought he was that good, we probably wouldn’t have waited until the last pick,” Peters said with a smile. “We liked him so much, and now I had to find a new quarterback.”

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