1704361338 Broken iPhone Apple urgently withdraws the latest beta of iOS

Broken iPhone: Apple urgently withdraws the latest beta of iOS 17.3 – Frandroid

Apple has paused the deployment of iOS 17.3 beta to iPhones. The cause is defective smartphones after installing the update.

Broken iPhone Apple urgently withdraws the latest beta of iOSApple iPhone 15 Pro // Source: Frandroid

Normally very vigilant when it comes to its updates, Apple seems to have made a mistake with the latest iOS 17 beta. The manufacturer offers enthusiasts the opportunity to test future updates to its system in advance. Next on the agenda is iOS 17.3, which is intended to make life more difficult for smartphone thieves.

On Wednesday, January 3, Apple began rolling out iOS 17.3 Beta 2 with new betas for macOS 14.3, watchOS 10.3, and tvOS 17.3. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned.

Apple is officially withdrawing the update

Several internet users have reported a problem with their iPhone after installing this beta. The phone could no longer restart properly on iOS. Apple reacted very quickly and stopped deploying iOS 17.3 Beta 2.

iOS and iPadOS 17.3 Beta 2 have been temporarily removed due to an issue that prevented a small number of devices from booting.

Fortunately, the affected devices are not experiencing a permanent failure. To reinstall a previous version of iOS, you must enter recovery mode as indicated on the relevant Apple support page.

After all, this is the risk that comes with installing software in beta version. Blocking errors can occur or even render the device inoperable. This is a good reminder that installing this type of preview on your main device is generally not recommended.

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