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"Broken jawbone": how Fiorello was reduced | The brutal “attack” came directly from a doctor Tendediviaggio

Fiorello, involved in a very serious accident. “Assaulted” by doctor: “Jawbone broken”

Rosario Fiorello is a popular show host on the Italian television scene who has proven himself to be a truly versatile artist throughout his career. Born in 1960, the irony and that sympathy It was always his best qualities that defined him a symbol in the world of entertainment.

He was born in Catania, Sicily, where he remained until he was 22. “I had to go to Bari for military service. I return to Augusta and the Village chief of Valtur He hires me as animator. But in Ivory Coast,” he said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

That will be revealed a dramatic experience for Fiorello's professional career. He learns to build a real relationship with his audience and realizes that his stage performances work great. This led to a leap in quality in 1992 debuts on television with a cult from the nineties, that is Karaoke.

The following year he headed the Festival bar and wins a Telegatto as the revelation figure of the year. Fiorello can no longer be stopped and is conquering the general public with his own means Stage presence and the ability to make people smile without being banal.

Fiorello, the showman's drama

Fiorello's success was due to his stage presence and the friendliness he showed in each of his appearances. We saw it Always smile and full of energy, but also Italy's most popular showman had to fight a terrible illness that left lasting scars.

Fiorello had to deal with one in 2015 very rare tumor which he discovered thanks to a routine visit. The person directly involved in the program “Periscope” said it during an interview with the presenter Stefano Mellocaro: “SI had back surgery for melanoma. The dermatologist wanted to check everything from his hair to his cock for moles. So I pulled down my underwear and pulled out the “beast.”

FiorelloFiorello, severely beaten by a doctor – Credit Ansa Photo – Trendsediviaggio.it

Fiorello, “attacked” by a doctor: “Shattered..”

The irony It is one of the characteristics that made Fiorello an icon of Italian television. But he has had many negative and painful experiences. During an interview with Corriere della Sera, the Sicilian show artist recounted an episode from the eighties, exactly at the time when animation boss Valtur sent Fiorello straight to Ivory Coast.

From this experience he remembers losing 10 kg by eating only pineapple, but he also remembers a much more painful episode. “They took me to a dentist The person who didn't have electricity at the time basically removed my tooth with his bare hands, with a pair of damn pliers. It shattered my jawboneI spent 15 days locked in my room with a fever, a disaster. Luckily I didn't get malaria, but the quinine left its mark on me: drug-induced hepatitis Csaid Fiorello.

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