Brothers are called by Big Boss after a big fight

Brothers are called by Big Boss after a big fight

“There is no such thing as aggression. Aggression is something that has a physical relationship. Otherwise, do whatever you want. Turn on the light in the room, steal food from your little friend, put a chair in the way, that's “not our problem,” it began.

What we will be assessing is physical aggression, which can be small, large or medium depending on the relationship you have with the person. Big boss

“I'm afraid that someone will hit you with their hand, it's not physical aggression. Stop fooling around, the game continues,” the warning concludes.

Minutes later the voice spoke again, again of physical aggression.

You don't decide who goes, who stays, who attacks or not. The decision to attack is ours. You can even plead, but we decide. Neither of you decides who gets eliminated. Big boss

These were not the production's first interventions of the evening. During the argument, Davi had already received a call directly.