1706146717 Bruce Dickinson releases Rain On the Graves another solo single

Bruce Dickinson releases “Rain On the Graves, another solo single Igor Miranda

Bruce Dickinson has released the music video for the second single from his upcoming solo album. “Rain On the Graves” anticipates “The Mandrake Project,” a work the Iron Maiden singer will release on March 1 via BMG.

The video has a script signed by Dickinson himself. Ryan Mackfall directed the film.


Check it out below.

“Afterglow of Ragnarok,” another track from the album, can also be seen below.

“The Mandrake Project” is accompanied by a graphic novel, the preview of which has already been released along with the first single. There are 12 chapters, divided into 3 volumes, which will be published later this year. The concept was created by Bruce Dickinson, with a script by Tony Lee and art by Staz Johnson of Z2 Comics.

Most of the recordings took place in the Doom Room Studio in Los Angeles, USA. The production was handled by Roy Z, the singer's longtime partner, who also recorded guitars and bass the latter will be taken over by Tanya O'Callaghan (Whitesnake) on the tour. Mistheria recorded keyboards and Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) recorded drums. The two had already worked on Bruce's most recent solo album “Tyranny of Souls” (2005).

Among the tracks, the sixth one titled “Eternity Has Failed” might catch the attention of fans. It is a remastered version of “If Eternity Should Fail”, which is included in Iron Maiden's “The Book of Souls” (2015). The original demo, still with the previous name, was included in the Afterglow of Ragnarok compact.

Just like The Chemical Wedding (1998), Dickinson's famous work, The Mandrake Project will contain allusions to the work of writer and alchemist William Blake. According to the official press release, the theme will be “dark and adult, about power, abuse and the struggle for identity, in a brilliant setting of science and the occult.”

Shows in Brazil

To promote the work, Bruce Dickinson will undertake a tour, his first since 2002. In addition to Latin America, engagements in Europe have also been confirmed. The dates for Brazil are as follows:

  • April 24th in Curitiba, at Live Curitiba;
  • April 25th at Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre;
  • April 27 at the Opera House in Brasília;
  • April 28 at Arena Hall in Belo Horizonte;
  • April 30th in Rio de Janeiro, at Qualistage;
  • May 2nd at Quinta Linda in Ribeirão Preto;
  • and on May 4th in São Paulo, at Vibra São Paulo.

Bruce Dickinson “The Mandrake Project”

Bruce Dickinson releases Rain On the Graves another solo single

  • Afterglow of Ragnarok (05:45)
  • Many Doors to Hell (04:48)
  • Rain on the graves (05:05)
  • Resurrection Men (06:24)
  • Fingers in the wounds (03:39)
  • Eternity has failed (06:59)
  • Mistress of Mercy (05:08)
  • Face in the mirror (04:08)
  • Shadow of the Gods (07:02)
  • Sonata (Immortal Beloved) (09:51)
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