Bruna is pregnant with Neymar and presents her wedding dress

Bruna is pregnant with Neymar and presents her wedding dress: "too handsome"

The influencer Bruna Biancardi surprised with the presentation of a wedding dress, she is expecting a child with Neymar

the influencer Bruna Biancardi is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, the player neymar Jr. And now she charmed by showing off a gorgeous wedding dress at an atelier. However, Bruna did not reveal whether the dress will be for her wedding to the player or for another occasion.

Bruna first explained that she would go to this atelier because the stylist was preparing two dresses for her for two special occasions. “I’ve arrived here at the studio, I want to show you guys that you need clothes for a wedding, an event, anything, look how cool. It’s all customizable, you can change the color and the length. She has a beautiful array of clothes and does modeling,” the influencer said.

the girlfriend of neymar She then continued, explaining, “I met her on social media and got in touch. She’s going to make me two special occasion dresses. is too beautiful Check the website for all options. And they can make it any color they want.”

Bruna then accesses the Wedding Dresses section of the atelier’s website and presents a dress that can be customized. “Look how cool this piece is, it’s here in brides and personalized by you. For example I will select this top part, I liked it, I select here and then I can select the bottom part as I want. Here you can wear a belt, it’s very individual, you can change everything, even a veil if you want a wedding dress, that’s really cool,” she said.

As neymar and Bruna Biancardi have already announced that they will be hosting an unveiling party in June to find out if they are expecting a boy or girl. Most likely, one of the dresses she is said to be making in the atelier will be for this event.

But what about the other dress? is this a wedding dress Or was she just showing this wedding dress as an example of how the atelier works? Neither Bruna nor the player said that. Netizens have already questioned that the couple has probably been engaged for a few weeks. Because Bruna appears on certain occasions with a ring that really resembles a solitaire engagement ring. But this information was not confirmed by the couple. One has to wait to find out.

Bruna Biancardi, pregnant with Neymar, appeared on Instagram and took a look at this wedding dress

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