Bruna Marquezine Paolla Oliveira Fatima Bernardes Juliette and Other Celebrities

Bruna Marquezine, Paolla Oliveira, Fátima Bernardes, Juliette and Other Celebrities Vote During Election

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some famous already passed the polls when voting this Sunday (2). When Ludmilla landed in Rio and went straight to the Electoral College, other celebrities also decided to vote early, as in the case of Bruna Marquezine, Fátima Bernardes, who declared her vote for the first time and explained why, Paolla Oliveira and most famous.

In the north zone of Rio, the actor Deo Garcez, which is broadcast on the soap opera “Mar do Sertão”, also visited his polling station. Vinicius Bonemer, son of Fátima Bernardes and William Bonner to vote alone in Barra da Tijuca in front of the mother. Also who voted for Barra was Bruna Marquezine, who had landed in Rio hours earlier.

The actress who opened up about the controversy with Michelle Bolsonaro smiled and posed for the paparazzi make the “L” of Lula. Luísa Sonza voted in São Paulo in the Morumbi district and Pedro Bial in the South Zone of Rio.

Bruna Marquezine is cited in controversy with Neymar after the player declared his support for Bolsonaro

neymar used a video with a song to announce his support for Bolsonaro at the elections. After the video went viral, controversy grew and even Mbappé and Bruna Marquezine were mentioned by netizens who didn’t like the positioning of the player.

They talk about democracy and much morebut if someone disagrees, attack…

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