Bruno and Marrone declared their vote for Bolsonaro

Bruno and Marrone declared their vote for Bolsonaro

The proximity to Election Day has boosted social media rankings. It’s taken a while in the country, for example, but little by little some of the biggest names in the genre are publicly proclaiming their side. After Sorocaba posted a video on social media and Gusttavo Lima both spoke out in support of Jair Bolsonaro during a concert in Miami, USA, Bruno and Marrone also showed their support for the reelection of the current President.

Bruno and Marrone’s political demonstration took place during a concert by the duo. “So it’s definitely 22 in the head and that’s it, it’s over isn’t it guys? IT IS [no] first round,” said Marrone. “Thank God! This is the war between good and evil, for God’s sake. Who lives without a family? Nobody lives without a family, you can’t even be born, right?” Bruno added, before the audience tuned in to a “myth “Choir on.

Bruno and MarroneBruno and Marrone

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Bruno, from the duo with MarroneBruno, from the duo with Marrone


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Bruno also made his respect for those who think differently clear: “But we respect everyone’s opinion. I think to each his own, but this Sunday we will now vote for the 22nd Bolsonaro.”

In time

On this Saturday afternoon (October 1st), Rodrigo from the duo George Henrique & Rodrigo made a public statement with a photo on Instagram Stories. In the picture he appeared with the flag of Brazil and a cap with the inscription “Bolsonaro 2022”.

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