Cake Boss Dramatic Accident The News No One Expected RicettaSprint

Cake Boss Dramatic Accident: The News No One Expected RicettaSprint

In recent years we have been able to witness how the Cake Boss became a real TV star also in Italy, conquering audiences and playing a leading role, but … here in the media attention seeker we find a sensational accident in which he was the victim.

Pie Chef Dramatic Accident - RecipeSprintCake Boss Dramatic Accident – ​​RecipeSprint

The world of food and beverages has led to a long series of appointments in the field of television with programs that have become a real cult, just think of the success that the master of ceremonies has had over time, even after the star Antonio Polese died when he was hardly more than was 80 years.

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Likewise, another head of the branch in question was able to dominate the scene unchallenged and is today again the protagonist of the media that we are talking about Buddy Valdastroalso known as the Cake Boss. What happened to him after the accident that turned his life upside down?

Dramatic accident for the cake boss

As we have already explained, over the years the Cake Boss He captured and dominated media and television attention, becoming a star first in America and then in Italy, a nation with which he is very close, also given his Italian origins.

Over the years he has been very successful, initially at the helm of his own company Carlos Bakery and later as the star of the Boss delle Torte program, thanks to his creations that are real works of art served between cream and chocolate. A craft as well as an artistic work that made him a star, but what has brought him to his downfall?

Pie Chef Dramatic Accident - RecipeSprintCake Boss Dramatic Accident – ​​RecipeSprint

In order to shine in the world of the internet, it is not surprising that here we also find the news of the dramatic accident of the cake bossHe left his fans around the world shocked and unable to imagine what had happened behind the scenes of his life.

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what happened to buddy

Well, in these hours we find ourselves in the crosshairs of media attention again Buddy Valdastro, whom the public best knows as the Cake BossOwner of the world famous Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey.

A full-blown career that has allowed him to dominate the TV scene, even if fans have been shocked in recent weeks after the dramatic news of his accident that could have cost him his life and even his career.

According to the announcements of the international press, but also the social channels of Buddy Valdastro, The cake boss recently had a serious accident at home that cost him dearly. The pastry chef succinctly reported that he was saved by his four children when his hand got stuck in the gear that fixes the pins in the bowling alley at home and seriously endangered his hand.

Pie Chef Dramatic Accident - RecipeSprintCake Boss Dramatic Accident – ​​RecipeSprint

Buddy ValdastroAs a result, he had to undergo three surgeries and a long rehabilitation period before he could use his hand again and work again. Now the dramatic accident seems like just an old and bad memory, so he returns to his Carlo’s Bakery and the show that made him famous… ending one of the ugliest and most difficult moments of his personal life and his professional career .

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