California He scares away a bear with a paintball gun

California: He scares away a bear with a paintball gun

This bear seemed to have found the ideal place to overwinter: a crawlspace under a house in California. However, he didn't expect that he would be chased away with paintball guns.

South Lake Tahoe native Toogee Sielsch is a nature lover and has shared several videos and photos of animals he has encountered on his adventures. The most recent data is from December 26th.

In the video we then see the man armed with a paintball gun crawling under the house. After Toogee Sielsch fires a few shots, the bear quickly comes out of hiding.

Finally we see the man come out and mention how big the animal was, at least 500 pounds.

“I found “a bear” that I hadn’t seen since early November […] Then I had to throw him out from under an occupied house that he had broken into […] I promise you that he is doing very well and that he will certainly find another, safer place to spend the winter,” the Californian wrote in the description of the video.

The latter also clarified that this experiment should not be carried out at home.

“Don't even think about doing what I did there unless you have YEARS of training and experience!” he added.