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Calling on Chile to step up prevention of Avian Influenza

The head of the Agriculture and Livestock Service’s Livestock Welfare Department, Carlos Orellana, urged citizens to investigate any case of an animal exhibiting erratic behavior, such as an animal’s behavior. B. hiking or isolation in unusual places, to report immediately.

“These features are an alert that we may be facing a positive case of bird flu,” he said.

The disease arrived in Chile last December from migratory birds and infections have already been identified in wild aquatic species from the Arica and Parinacota regions in the north to Maule in the centre.

So far there have been no cases in farm animals or in industrial plants.

Health Minister Ximena Aguilera explained that while there is no human interference either, there is a risk to people coming into contact with sick birds.

He explained that it is a highly pathogenic virus that causes severe infection in humans and its symptoms are malaise, high fever and breathing problems.

“Fortunately, these images are treated with antivirals, which is why the issue of alerting is important,” said the minister.