Camaguey Airport All flights for January 2024 Cuba directory

Camagüey Airport: All flights for January 2024 Cuba directory

The authorities of the “Ignacio Agramonte” international airport in Camaguey, central Cuba, reported through their social networks the flight schedule to and from this terminal in January 2024.

So far, the Mexican airline Viva Aerobús is continuing its flight operations in January as follows. Saturdays to and from Cancun, Mexico. American Airlines will continue to fly daily from Miami to Camaguey this January.

How are charter flights from the USA operated? So far, charter flights to and from Miami (USA) in January continue to operate in this way. 3 flights on Mondays and Fridays. 2 flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Finally, they announced flights from the Haitian company Sunrise. So far, Sunrise Airline's flights to and from Port-au-Prince (Haiti) will continue to operate weekly on Wednesday afternoons this January.

Flights to and from Camaguey in 2024

What is noteworthy is the decrease in some flights for January 2024 to “Agramonte” airport in Camagüey, since fewer options were announced in the calendar than in previous months. These are the only confirmed flights for December from this airport, at least on its Telegram channel.

If you would like to be informed about the operations of the airport in the month of January, they offer you the opportunity to contact the airport directly. However, they will continue to provide information by airline via their Telegram channel.

For more information you can visit our headquarters at Avenida Finlay Km 7 ½, Albaiza, Camagüey, Cuba. You can also contact us by phone: +53 32 261010 or by email: [email protected].

Camagüey Airport is located at Avenida Finlay km 7 1/2, Camagüey. This airport has two terminals: one for domestic flights that can handle 75 passengers per hour and another for international flights that can handle 600 passengers per hour.