1682044715 Campaign aims to raise 15 million to fund flights for

Campaign aims to raise $1.5 million to fund flights for asylum seekers, including Cubans Cuban Directory

The Welcome.US platform, which launched the sponsor search page, is trying a new initiative to raise $1.5 million to fund flights for applicants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ukraine

In a note published on their website, they report: “Miles4Migrants and Welcome.US have partnered with American Express Global Business Travel to make travel more accessible for Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, Ukrainians and Nicaraguans seeking refuge in the United States.”

“Our commitment to upholding human rights and dignity by removing travel barriers for migrants around the world is stronger than ever,” they emphasize.

According to the explanation offered, the program is Welcome Connect Travel It will help reduce travel costs for displaced people “by making flights more accessible for those seeking refuge”.

They assure in the statement in English that the goal is to raise $1.5 million to help migrants seeking refuge in the United States.

“Join our movement to keep migrants safe. Your donation can provide a flight and a warm welcome for people looking for a fresh start.

Campaign aims to raise 15 million to fund flights for

Welcome Connect Travel

The new initiative allows prospective donors to pay “cash, travel miles, credit card points and travel vouchers,” they say.

According to agency EFE, “The average cost of a plane ticket is $1,600, funds that must be paid by migrants or their sponsors.”

The above media reports that a similar campaign in 2021 managed to raise more than $2 million and 500 million airline miles to help 18,000 Afghans travel to the United States.