Can vegans smoke Dado Dolebella responds to the Wanessa Camargo

Can vegans smoke? Dado Dolebella responds to the Wanessa Camargo controversy on “BBB 24. “Veganism is not about being healthy

Wanessa Camargo smokes on “BBB 24,” sparking internet controversy over veganism.

Wanessa Camargo smokes on “BBB 24,” sparking internet controversy over veganism.

Photo: Reproduction, Globoplay / Purepeople

Wanessa Camargo caused controversy on social media after she appeared to smoke on BBB 24. Some netizens criticized her for being vegan and still smoking cigarettes, just like Yasmin Brunet. On social media, Dado Dolabella was irritated by a comment and defended his girlfriend in the matter.

Dado Dolabella talks about veganism on the internet

An internet user criticized Wanessa Camargo on “BBB 24” for being vegan and smoking. “So natural… So vegan… And she smokes. She feels sorry for the animals and not her own lungs,” the person wrote alongside a photo of Dado and Wanessa. Dado then responded to the comment, saying that veganism and smoking have no connection. “Veganism is not about being healthy or being human… it is a movement that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals in food, clothing and other purposes, which promotes the development and use of crueltyfree alternatives for the benefit of people, animals and the environment,” he explained.

Follower attacks Wanessa Camargo again

After Dado Dolabella defended his girlfriend and spoke about the connection between veganism and smoking, the same follower who previously made the comment about Wanessa reiterated her point of view. “Philip Morris International, a tobacco producer, conducts animal testing. Companies such as Sampoerna, Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco, Souza Cruz, Imperial Tobacco and others also conduct animal testing. Send the animals…

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