CANCER: HOROSCOPE FROM JANUARY 22 TO 28, 2024 Simon & the Stars

In the phase of (new) professional development, nothing should be left to chance, especially not when it comes to money and contracts. To be clear: the trend this year is clearly positive, but it is clear that during this period it is necessary to focus on some horizons. Some work issues that still seem uncertain or poorly guaranteed. I think of those who have to renew a contract, of those who are waiting for confirmation after a probationary or internship period, of those who have to face an audit or are in negotiations to make a leap in the quality of their work. In all of these cases, in addition to a “yes” or a win, it is important to know how to proceed. The same goes for those looking to get back into the game in a new professional reality or thinking about the “after” of a training experience…

…what can you expect? Under what aspects is a change possible? Let's talk about between Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th, two extremely profitable days for production discussions and work discussions. Just be careful how you express your desires and don't push too hard. All your questions and requests will be answered starting at the end of February when Mercury returns to the foreground. I do not rule out the possibility that your own company will ask you to review your role and review certain conditions that you need to consider carefully at this point. In short, something is changing, but don't be a spectator, become the protagonist of all your professional initiatives from now on. When Mars is in opposition, pay attention to certain disagreements at work: it is better to be friends with everyone! (continues)