Caning A tourist is beaten for climbing Chichen Itza

Caning: A tourist is beaten for climbing Chichén Itzá

A Polish tourist was beaten with a stick by a passerby last weekend for climbing the steps of the sacred Chichén Itzá temple in Mexico in front of a crowd of onlookers.

In the video circulated by American media Fow News, the man was filmed climbing the pyramid before being escorted by two Mexican guards to proceed with his arrest.

Since 2008, the Mexican government has banned access to preserve the Mayan pyramids.

Except that upon returning to the ground, a spectator armed with a wooden stick would have decided to follow the trio to do themselves justice by severely beating the unruly one with a few punches.

“You’re stupid?” According to the American media, a second witness even called.

The man was reportedly held for 12 hours before being released. He would have been fined 5,000 pesos, or just over $350, for the incident, the director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (INAH) reportedly told the Mexico Daily Post.

“Tourists must respect INAH’s security measures in the archaeological area to preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage, take care of other visitors and appreciate Mayan heritage,” said director José Arturo Chab Cárdenas.

A similar incident also occurred in November, when a tourist was ambushed by other cultists before being doused with water.