The Capitals let the Slammers escape

Capitals: a victory before going home

The Capitales de Québec ended their long journey to the start of the season away from home with a 2-1 win over the Evansville Otters on Sunday at Bosse Field.

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In fact, manager Patrick Scalabrini’s club will play a first game of 2022 at the Stade Canac on Tuesday. For the occasion, the Gateway Grizzlies will parade through the old capital. In nine games since the start of this campaign, the Belle Province team has held a 6-3 record and won all of their series.

In the last game against the Otters, the Capitals made the winning run in the top of the ninth inning. TJ White took advantage of the opposing receiver dropping the ball to step on the plate.

Sent into the fray to close the books, helper Samuel Adames got the rescue. A Pedro Gonzalez three had allowed the Capitals to beat the game in their seventh round.