Cargo containers containing 15 million worth of gold and other

Cargo containers containing $15 million worth of gold and other valuables stolen from Toronto airport, police say

(CNN) An air cargo container containing more than $15 million in gold and other valuables disappeared from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Monday, and police are still trying to figure out who was behind the valuable robbery.

The plane was unloaded and the cargo was taken to a holding facility “in accordance with normal procedure” early Monday evening, Peel Regional Police’s Stephen Duivesteyn said at a news conference at the airport on Thursday.

Then “this high-value container was illegally removed from the holding facility,” he said.

Police would not say if surveillance cameras caught the robbery, which airline transported the container, or who owns the container.

“What I can tell is that the container contained a high value shipment, it contained gold but not exclusively gold and other items of monetary value,” Duivesteyn said, estimating the value of the contents at around $15 million (CAN$20 million). . Dollar).

The police did not want to speculate on whether this was a “professional” job because the investigation was still early.

“We’re in for three days, so our investigators have their eyes open to all possibilities. So we don’t want to make a mistake and focus on one particular area, we keep a kind of broad view of it. “So we’re looking at how this item was stolen from all angles,” Duivesteyn said.

The container was described as being 5 or 6 square feet.

“I would assume that this is an isolated case. This is very rare,” Duivesteyn said, adding that the investigation is unlikely to disrupt operations at the airport, which claims to be Canada’s busiest.