Caricom leaders call for strengthening Haitian police forces

The leaders of the member countries of the Commonwealth of Caribbean States (Caricom) pledged on Friday to strengthen Haitian police forces and enable them to play a leading role in the crisis the country is suffering.


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The Bahamian Prime Minister and President pro tempore of Caricom assured that “we have taken seriously our moral obligations to help solve the problems in Haiti and the first step will be to see how we can strengthen the Haitian police to deal with the.” restore order and stop criminal activity.” .

According to Davis, it is necessary “first to establish peace in order to move on to the next phase of holding new elections by the end of the year,” he said at the conclusion of the organization’s annual meeting in the Bahamas.

“We look forward to meeting with Haiti stakeholders, Caricom representatives and perhaps an international partner in the near future to discuss how we can strengthen the Haitian police force,” Davis said.

Canada is one of the countries that Caricom has approached for assistance, and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was one of the international guests at the regional organization’s forty-fourth summit.

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas said it was vital that the Haitian police had adequate resources, including providing food, paying their salaries on time and recruiting more troops.

For his part, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry called on the international community to support efforts to overcome the serious socio-economic, political and insecure crisis in Haiti.

Earlier this month, three members of the High Council of Transition (HCT, for its acronym in French) were sworn in, whose task will be to work with the government in pacifying Haiti and organizing Haiti’s general elections.

This decision emerged from the December 21, 2022 agreement known as the National Consensus for an Inclusive Transition, which has been heavily criticized by various social and political sectors in the Caribbean country.