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Cariúcha challenges Jojo Todynho to a fight and she gives a very sharp answer online; regard

Amid the wave of celebrities settling their differences in the ring, Cariúcha challenged Jojo Todynho to a fight. The topic came up during the exFazenda's appearance on Rádio Metropilitana's “Hora do Chupim” program, when she spoke about the longstanding rivalry between the two. After the response, Jojo himself gave a very sharp response on the issue.

As Cariúcha recalled the disagreements and provocations that have taken place over the years with the “A Fazenda 12” champion, she was asked if she would like to resolve everything in the ring. She explained: “I would agree with that. Good. Money… Of course. I would go. Come on, Jojo? A fight so we can solve this, to see who's the good guy, I'm ready for it. Even more with money, with Pix. Come on, Jojo, let's get this over with. The banter is over and we can sort it all out in the ring.”

The moderators then wanted to know if Cariúcha was afraid of being beaten by the funk singer, to which the singer replied: “Uh, what to do?” May the best win. It's a fight, one gets hit and the other gets hit and everything is fine.” She also said that she doesn't need to train for the competition.

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Last night (28), Jojo opened a question box on her Instagram and fans naturally didn't hesitate to ask her about her rival's challenge. “Will you accept the fight?” asked one follower.

In one video, the funk singer mockingly said: “Guys, let me ask you a question… Have you ever seen an eagle walking with a pigeon?” How about a mix with pigeons? Have you seen the difference in level? Ah, my love, not dying and being reborn. When we reach that level, we will talk. I don't talk to people who have nothing, have achieved nothing, are nothing. He gave it a chance and threw it away anyway! There is no possibility.”

Jojo then hinted that she would be the only one who would bring profit to the event. “Besides, whose business is this fight? Who do the sponsors come from? Sorry, but it's true. When we get to that level here, we'll talk. That being said… have you ever seen champion mixed with canceled? How crazy, people! “The world is very crazy,” Jojo concluded with a laugh.

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Jojo Todynho reacts sharply to Cariúcha's challenge pic.twitter.com/TnzcwJrvLT

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