Carlo Conti changes his appearance quotYou sound like Kenquot fans

Carlo Conti changes his appearance: "You sound like Ken" fans stand up in amazement ​​Spetteguless

Carlo Conti –

The host of the Tale e Quale show suddenly wanted to change his appearance and showed the result to fans on social media, but received conflicting opinions. While Carlo Conti’s new appearance was appreciated on the one hand, many fans criticized him on the other.

We all feel the need to refresh our appearance every now and then, perhaps show off a new haircut or change the style we usually use every day. A wish that, like the rest of the “mere mortals”, the well-known faces of the show also have. For example, think of Hairstyles by Michelle Hunziker, Alessia Marcuzzi or Ilary Blasi.

Last year, the Swiss presenter cut her long blonde hair and went for a long bob, while Alessia and Ilary went from platinum to a more elegant and intriguing ash blonde. This is certainly not an easy step, and if it’s already a big change for us, it’s understandable how this could be amplified for VIPs who do this I look like a kind of business card to them.

It is therefore understandable that Carlo Conti’s new lookwhich the latter showed off on Instagram yesterday made fans raise more than an eyebrow and were amazed to see him drastically different than they remembered him and had always seen him on TV.

Carlo Conti changes his look, the reaction from the fans is epic

During his long career, the Tuscan presenter has already been at the helm of important shows such as L’Eredità and the Sanremo Festival He never deviated from his official image. Known as a lamp lover, Conti has always had a tanned complexion that went well with dark hair, which he always kept rather short, except at the beginning of his career in the 1980s. So imagine the fans’ amazement to see him completely different, with a completely different cut and, above all, a completely different hair color!

Carlo yesterday shared a picture of herself on Instagram, in which he appears tanned as always, but with striking white-blond hair. “My Swedish twin!!! Thanks to @roccotanica_official for finding it,” wrote the presenter with a remarkable sense of humor.

It treats Of course it is a photo edited with Photoshop or a filter, and the effect is hilarious: Carlo looks like a different person and many, including fans and celebrities, wanted to comment on his appearance. The comedian Francesco Paolantoni, protagonist of the Tale e Quale show with Gabriele Cirilli, said: “One more beautiful than the other”, while the user @laurarossi_65 compared him to Barbie’s Ken, her famous boyfriend played by Ryan Gosling himself in the film of the same name equipped with platinum hair. Then it is better to stay on the safe side and avoid “headshots”.