Carlo Conti didn39t make it and I spit out the

Carlo Conti didn't make it and I spit out the harsh reality: in his heart there was always only her | He has loved it since childhood iFood

Who is Carlo Conti's true love?Carlo Conti Ifood

Carlo Conti speaks openly about his greatest love. In his heart there was always only her.

The 2024 has come into our lives recently and it seems that numerous surprises are already in sight, especially from a media perspective. As for Rai, we know what we're going to see February 2024 will belast edition of the Sanremo Festival what he will see Amadeus In the Dual role From conductor And Artistic Director.

If we stay in the Viale Mazzini company, another big surprise will soon be on the starting line, since from Saturday January 13, 2024 the long-awaited and popular date with the Spin-off of the copycat competition We're obviously talking about the most popular of all time Such and suchwhere gods will challenge each other non-famous participants.

That's how much it isWait until great audienceespecially to check theirs Conductor of the heart to the opera, where he will be there again Loretta Goggi And Cristiano Malgioglio as judges for this latest adventure. We have known for several years that the host is happily married and has a child.

However, out of love for his son, there were rumors that Conti was thinking about moving from his homeland to Florence, where he has lived for a long time and where he fell ill COVID-19 during the'2020 edition From story and which showSince we were forced to do it remotely, we were able to see some parts of it in a house with a garden.

Carlo Conti and his great love

This is done out of love for his son Matteo, which he hopes will live in contact with the green and offer him a place to play in contact with the fresh air. Also for many years Carlo He had a reputation as the unrepentant Latin lover and it also seems that he also broke many hearts over time.

There was a special love story Roberta Morise, which then unfortunately experienced its sad epilogue. Then his heart began to beat again for the woman who now became his wife and mother of his son Matteo, the costume designer. Francesca Vaccaro. Lately, however, the conductor seems to be doing that has revealed who is the his true love. We are talking about Treason?

Who is Carlo Conti's true love?Caciucco Ifood

The unexpected truth from the host

No, let's just say, it's between him and his wife Francesca L'Love it is literal to go swimming and therefore That's not what it is about of a Treason. The great true love for which Carlo he referred to his concerns dedication for good food, especially for Tuscan tradition.

Interview with the magazine on the occasion of the presentation of his book entitled We, wein Casciana Terme when asked what his favorite dishes were, Carlo he promptly replied that he loved that Bolgheri red about wine and then a great passion for it cookedbut more than ever he loves fish very much, which is his true love Livorno fish soup.

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