Carlo Cracco heartbreaking and tragic confession quotI threw myself into

Carlo Cracco, heartbreaking and tragic confession: "I threw myself into the flames to save him" | It's about the very famous one iFood

Carlo CraccoCarlo Cracco – (Photo by Ansa)

She loves him so much that she once risked her life to save him. For him, he actually threw himself into the flames of a fire.

He shows everyone his strict side, but hides behind the tough exterior a tender side The Few people other than his family can see it. He it is certainly part of it.

The relationship they have goes beyond a simple friendship, so much so that the chef would be ready to do some really crazy things for him. It seems that he has done some things in the past, for example, by throwing oneself into the flames of a bad fire to get him to safety and thereby put his own life in danger.

Everything was burning.“he said during an interview with Daily fact He spoke about the terrible fire that occurred while he was in Florence. In these years The two were closer than ever beforesince they were always together, even at work.

Those were the times when Carlo Cracco he worked at the Enoteca Pinchiorri and was always in contact with him. He couldn't allow his bottles to be lost in the firefor which he had thrown himself into the flames to save her.

A disabled relationship

There are many things that Chef Carlo Cracco has done for him over the years. This includes, for example, what follows A course to better understand how it is made. However, it seems that this was not so easy for him. Nobody understood the meaning of what he was doingthat what he did was done for him.

I was mistreated during class, but then I still passed the exam in 1987, when I was working for Gualtiero Marchesi” he continued during the interview. “They told me I was a chef and I had to be a chef and stop.“In short, it couldn't have been easy for him to become a sommelier, but in the end he succeeded. All of it for the love of wine.

Wine cellarA wine cellar – (Photo by Depositphoto)

All for the love of wine

He has always had a great love for wine, so much so that he wanted to save it when it burst into flames in a terrible fire. he threw himself into the flames. He couldn't allow some of his precious bottles to go up in flames.

As Il Fatto Quotidiano reports, the chef explained: “When I was working in Florence at Enoteca Pinchiorri, there was a fire that destroyed 25,000 bottles. Everything was burning. I saved as many bottles as possible.” He could not allow the bottles to get lost and for the love of wine he had tried everything.

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