Carlos Calderon opens up about whether or not he could

Carlos Calderón opens up about whether or not he could return to “Despierta América”

It's been a year since Carlos Calderón was removed from Univision's payroll and no doubt his departure has been of great importance so far. However, he even mentioned at one point that the situation had gotten out of control.

Last Friday he was a guest on the program “Hoy Día” and decided to make a live broadcast through the camera's social network. As a result, numerous followers decided to ask him questions and he answered them politely.

However, there was something that caught a lot of attention, and that was the fact that they consulted him: “Would you return to Despierta América?” The TV presenter immediately answered the question and, to the surprise of many, finally clarified that he, for his part, does not have bad relations with Univision and therefore would have no problems re-entering the channel.

“I wasn’t invited. “I would leave, I don’t have a fight with anyone, you know I’m easy going.” said.

Internet users have commented on his visit to Telemundo and some miss seeing him on television, although considering this they can only enjoy his professionalism for a few days for now He is on the program as a guest presenter, However, this does not preclude this from being possible permanently.

Carlos Calderón talks about his departure from Univision

The Mexican expressed how complicated it was for him to be fired from his job, highlighting all the people who worked at the television plant after a long career at the station.

I started the year with a very strong kick, namely losing my job at Univision. For 25 years, I have been fully committed and happy to be part of a company where I can be counted on from the person who greets you at the door, to the lady who makes you lunch, to the cleaning staff, to the people who do the furniture moving on set was known. Cameramen, makeup artists, lighting technicians, writers, producers,” were the statements he made in his podcast at the end of 2023.

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