Carlos Gomez beats Rodrigo Romeh on LCDLF4

Carlos Gómez beats Rodrigo Romeh on LCDLF4

For a few hours, Telemundo suspended the 24-hour broadcast of “The House of the Famous” after heated arguments broke out. Clovis, Rodrigo Romeh And Carlos Gomez.

Clovis disappears from me, Clovis goes to the closet; “I sent water to Romeh and the small group, they already had him close, talking and saying, attacking and provoking,” he explained. Maripily Rivera in a video. “Even the girls were there, Romeh started to defend him, they chased him so much that Carlos violently tried to hide it and Carlos put his fist in my jaw and hit Romeh.”

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The Puerto Rican is the only one who has explained what happened in the hours in which the television station stopped broadcasting. “[Fue] “An act of violence, a cruel act,” she said, dismayed. “There is a way of talking about things and sitting down that is very ugly to the public.” [haciendo esto]“.

So far, Telemundo has announced the exclusion of “El Cannon” without providing any further information about minors.

Mixed heat

The reality is that this was not the only perpetrator of violence, in fact during yesterday's positioning gala. Alfredo Adame He screamed and attacked Clovis Lupillo Rivera and Gómez also armed himself with words.

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The coach, who says he is a man of peace, was nominated; However, he was saved by his companions. Babyshita And Robbie Mora. After his rescue, Gómez cried inconsolably when he heard his father was angry with him in front of the most famous and controversial house of the time.