Carlos Gomez has been excluded from La Casa de los

Carlos Gómez has been excluded from “La Casa de los Famosos 2024”.

Carlos Gómez was excluded from the fourth season of “La Casa de los Famosos”. Telemundo has not yet revealed the reasons for his departure, but at the gala on the evening of this Monday, February 26th, they will announce the reasons.

The former Venezuelan baseball player was one of those nominated by his teammates to leave the house, but was saved by the front runners of the week Robbie Mora and Daniela Alexis “La Bebeshita”. The participants who can still be excluded this Monday are: Rodrigo Romeh, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Sophie Durand, Cristina Porta and Clovis Nienow.

In a statement shared on social networks by “La Jefa”, the voice-over of “La Casa de los Famosos”, it was reported that the Venezuelan had physical contact with another participant, violating an important rule of the Competition violation that justifies exclusion.

“Residents, there was an episode of physical contact last night. As everyone knows, in this competition it is unacceptable even before entering the house, such a situation is strictly prohibited. For this reason, I was forced to punish Carlos Gómez by permanently expelling him from the competition. I hope that everyone realizes how serious the case is, that a line was crossed this evening, which of course should not be repeated. I emphasize: It was no longer a heated discussion, there were no differences between the groups or personal arguments. There was intentional physical contact and there is no coming back from it,” the text on the Telemundo website reads.

One of the most powerful galas ever took place on Sunday 25, with several participants grappling with claims that created tense moments when positioning with the famous nominees.

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