Carolina Ferraz Maite Proenca Celebrities demand millions from

Carolina Ferraz, Maitê Proença: Celebrities demand millions from

Carolina Ferraz, Maitê Proença and other exglobals are filing millionaire lawsuits with the judiciary

Many celebrities have been fired TV globe to the last year. Although many of them return to the network in sporadic jobs and with an employment contract, some like famous ones Carolina Ferraz and Maite Proenca went to war against the former contractor in court.

It is worth noting that in addition to the actresses, the righthand men of Rodrigo bocardi and Fatima Bernardes, Gloria Vanique and Lair Rennoor fight for their labor rights against them TV globe.

Many of the celebrities accuse that globe in Justice that they did not even have a legal employment relationship, but worked as if it existed. It’s called “pejotization,” a term used in the millionaire lawsuits brought against the station by former employees.

Carolina Ferraz Is one of them. The actress who rose to fame Globe, today she is the presenter of “Domingo Espetacular” on Record TV and takes action against her old house. In the lawsuit, she is seeking recognition of her employment with Globo.

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The work action of Carolina Ferraz requires CLT recognition with entitlement to vacation and 13th salary as provided by law. It is worth remembering that the actress left the Carioca station in 2017, and the millionaire promotion is still ongoing.

According to the TV news portal Carolina Ferraz In the lawsuit, she’s asking for as little as 7 million reais, alleging that she had a routine as a CLT maid and that her routine of recording in soap operas caused her to drop out of a play.

already the actress Maite Proencaturn also goes to court against them globe and demands the same as a former colleague at the station: recognition of the employment relationship. But Maitê asks much less in court, around BRL 500,000. Even Record’s current contractor was a witness in her friend’s lawsuit against the broadcaster.

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Carolina Ferraz, Maitê Proença, Glória Vanique and Lair Rennó are some of the celebrities suing Globo for millions of dollars Carolina Ferraz, Maitê Proença, Glória Vanique and Lair Rennó are some of the celebrities suing Globo for millions (Editor: TV Foco)


Other former employees are also dissatisfied and are demanding their labor rights globe in the courts. These are the cases of the former rightwing men of Rodrigo Bocardi and Fatima Bernardes, none other than Gloria Vanique and Lair Rennorespectively.

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According to the portal Notícias da TV the journalist Gloria Vanique demands compensation for allegations that he was paid less than his fellow Globo colleagues. It is worth remembering that it had the same function as Bocardi and Cesar Tralli at “Bom Dia São Paulo”, but earned significantly less.

Nice Lair Rennowhich used to sporadically cover vacations and absences Fatima BernardesDuring his “Encontro” days, he was also considered the excommander’s righthand man.

Lair Renno wants the salary after the substitutions made Fatima Bernardes and according to him was not paid in court. According to the portal NaTelinha, the presenter was absent from around 200 broadcasts between 2014 and 2019, a time when Lair replaced the contractor of globe in the meeting”.

Lair Renno ceased to be a CLT and became a PJ exactly in 2014, right around the time it started covering the absences of Fatima, That is, the journalist filed a lawsuit against Globo for these reasons, demanding recognition of the employment relationship and all benefits not properly paid during this period.

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