Carpentier Affair Looking Back at a Busy First Week

Case Carpentier: Looking back at a busy first week

After four days of public inquiry into the deaths of Norah and Romy Carpentier, the first stones raised are already pointing to answers to the mystery surrounding the investigation and the search operation to find the girls who have marked Quebec complete. A look at the most important facts of this first week.

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Two statements never given to investigators

The first patrols to arrive at the scene met Amélie Lemieux (photo), the little ones’ mother, her spouse Alexandre Pelletier and a friend of Martin Carpentier, Keven Lemieux. Both men said they had concerns about the father’s mental state, but these statements never reached investigators. Worse, three SQ officials confirmed during the public inquiry this week that they had learned of the existence of this information, which could have thrown the investigation on a different track.

Two witnesses never notified authorities after seeing the trio

A woman and a man who were traveling on Highway 20 on the night of the dodge that led to the girls’ disappearance said they saw the trio flee. The problem is that these two witnesses didn’t notify the SQ until the next day later in the day. It can be assumed that the information that a man and two children left the scene of the accident in the direction of the forest could have accelerated the deployment of personnel in the right sector.

Carpentier, a tormented man

Stock Photo, SQ Twitter Account

Wracked by a divorce that leaves him anxious, worried about losing custody of his daughters, consumed by financial woes, Martin Carpentier (photo) may not be who police first believed on the evening of July 8th. The first information offered by relatives did not allow us to fully assess his state of mind, since Carpentier was first described as a loving father. ” By 10 o’clock [le lendemain matin]”He had become a suicidal man,” investigator Annie Thériault said during the public inquiry.

Many questions still unanswered

Even if several elements emerge from the first four days of the hearing, important questions remain in the next few days of the hearing, which must be clarified by coroner Luc Malouin (photo). The research and triggering aspects of the Amber Alert deserve special mention this week, and pathologists will arrive later in March to uncover the details of the girls’ deaths, elements that may lead to the answer to the question that haunts and haunts everyone half a year later: “Could the worst have been prevented? »

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