Casio denies Gerard Pique and reveals his position on Shakiras

Casio denies Gerard Piqué and reveals his position on Shakira’s song

The Colombian not only sparked controversy by referring to it in her song Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend Klara Chia with a pun, but four prestigious brands were involved: Casio, Rolex, Ferrari and Renault -makers of the Twingo-.

“You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio”, he recited on the track that garnered it millions of views on YouTube, the platform where it became the most viewed Latin American music video in the first 24 hours; they ousted Luis Fonsi with their hit “Despacito”.

In addition, the performer of “Monotonía” reached the first position in the Global Top 50 on Spotify, meaning it was the most listened song in the world for several days until Miley Cyrus “Flowers” dethroned it.

Piqué appeared in a “streaming” on the Twitch platform to continue promoting his Kings League, a competition in which he challenges renowned “streamers” – people who broadcast live on various topics – and former soccer players to play. There he reacted to the song and announced an alleged alliance with Casio.

“By the way, Casio gave us these watches. We reached an agreement with Casio, the Kings League reached an agreement with Casio.”he repeated to some laughter from his colleagues.

“No, no, I’m serious. Here I have a Casio for Ibai. We have for everyone. This watch is for life, huh?” he pointed out, referring directly to a verse from Shakira’s track.

But everything turned out to be wrong. This is what the multinational manufacturer of watches and other gadgets told the Spanish media, after a statement – ​​also false – circulated online, falsely saying that the company had “showed solidarity for the unfortunate situation the singer was experiencing”. .

“Our position has always been neutral,” Casio sentenced to half 20 minutes. In doing so, they denied that there was any sponsorship or agreement with Piqué and took the opportunity to point out that the brand’s name was on more than one person’s lips.

“We are above everything. We are happy about the reactions of the fans. Casio has always responded with intelligence, elegance and ingenuity,” they said.

They even dared to use Shakira’s verse to emphasize that they got rid of this whole problem: “Pleased this got out for us…Pique as people have given us a 10 for now”.

They had previously denounced dozens of fake profiles on Twitter and Instagram. “No statement or message posted on these accounts is official,” they said.

Of course, they said their hands were somewhat “tied” to cracking down on unofficial profiles. “If they state that they are parody, there is little to be done”they stressed in other statements for the Spanish media El País.

Casio also commented on the excitement on his official Instagram account for Spain: “If we’ve learned anything from reading your comments these days, it’s that Casio is a popular brand around the world and around the world. As we are not official sponsors of any site, we are committed to a space of respect and harmony.”

The brand wasn’t far behind in the pun, going “King” for the Kings League of Piqué and “loba” for another song by Shakira, they concluded on their verified networks: “So be a king, be a wolf or just that.” be the same ‘Pikachu’ shown to be from Casio”.