Cassia Kis gives a sharp answer after a question about

Cássia Kis gives a sharp answer after a question about the future in Travessia

Cássia Kis gave a sharp response after being asked about her future at Rede Globo. Rumors about the actress’ artistic future spread in the media after the veteran made homophobic comments live with Leda Nagle, even citing that “a man with a man doesn’t make children.”

Though the actress vented before the debut of Glória Perez’s feature that Travessia would be her farewell to the soap operas, veteran character Cidália may exit the 9 p.m. plot earlier than expected.

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Cássia Kis made it very clear that she voted for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the 2022 elections and remains a candidate for the current President of the Republic.

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The actress is also on the team that took care of the gray hair. AGNEWS

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According to Folha de S. Paulo columnist Cristina Padiglione, Kis’ character on the soap opera Travessia lost space in the chapter block the channel delivered to the cast and production team this week.

The journalist also points out that this way, Cidália, Chiara’s (Jade Picon) luxury nanny, can leave the production at any time without interfering with the plot of the soap opera.

When asked by the columnist on this subject, Cássia Kis gave a sharp answer: “Perhaps you know more than I do.” “And your newspaper bills with forgeries?” added the veteran.

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