Cat comforts grieving elderly woman and sweet moment bombs on

Cat comforts grieving elderly woman and sweet moment bombs on social media .com

Cat comforts elderly woman and video goes viral on social media Reproduction/TikTok/@beeheartsyou___

One Cat Harry shouted boomed on the Internet in recent days after he exhibited unusual behavior. In a video shared on social media, the cat appears to comfort Theresa Rodgers, 73, who lost her husband after a stroke. The super sweet moment was recorded by the older woman’s daughter, Barbara Costanzo, 44, from Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

The woman posted a recording of the cat comforting her mother on social media, which has already received nearly 700,000 views and more than 152,000 likes. “My stepdad passed away a few weeks ago and his cat didn’t leave my mom’s side,” he wrote in the post’s caption.

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In another video, she explained that the animal was not very affectionate until the relative’s death. “Before my stepfather died, Harry wasn’t very warm and cuddly. But since it happened, he’s been one of your biggest supporters. Thanks.”


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A 4yearold Chihuahua dog who lives between LindaaVelha in Lisbon and Borba in the Évora district of Portugal has won the hearts of Internet users in recent weeks because he wore sunglasses in his photos. In addition to the accessory, the dog also appears on social media wearing hats and scarves.

Reproduction/Facebook/Ana Carona

According to his owner, Ana Carona, to Pets in Town, the animal needs sunglasses due to a lighting problem. “The Chihuahua breed is very sensitive to light and wind and, for this reason and on the recommendation of the veterinarian, has worn glasses since childhood,” he explained.

Reproduction/Facebook/Ana Carona

Ana said that when the pet came into her family, she didn’t know much about the breed and that the advice of experts was essential. “The vet has always been a great support for Apolo’s growth and development.”ALSO READ: Dog almost dies due to extreme heat, scaring family; see video

Reproduction/Facebook/Ana Carona

The owner noted that many platforms sell dog accessories and she doesn’t have to make them to order. “I buy the glasses and various accessories this way, it makes the process faster and more economical”

Reproduction/Facebook/Ana Carona

Apolo belongs to a family with four dogs, but is the only Chihuahua. “I have a family with a German Spitz breed mother, father and son who don’t need glasses.”ALSO READ: Petting pets reduces stress hormones, study shows

Reproduction/Facebook/Ana Carona