Cat dies after being thrown into the snow from a

Cat dies after being thrown into the snow from a moving train

A cat that was thrown from a moving train by a train driver in freezing temperatures in Russia was found dead near the tracks on Saturday.

In recent days, a video has emerged showing the animal, named Twix, being thrown into the snow by a moving train near Kirov, east of Moscow, on January 11, BBC News reports.

The driver who committed the crime allegedly mistook the animal, which belonged to a passenger, for a street cat after it escaped from its cage.

After the video was published, hundreds of volunteers went looking for the cat, while thousands of other people followed the development of this story on the social network Telegram.

The cat was finally found dead on Saturday.

The Russian state railway company RZhD, which was responsible for operating the train in question, apologized following the media outcry caused by the incident.

“We sincerely regret that the cat named Twix has died,” the RZhD says, adding that it will prevent its employees from holding animals during the train journey.

If an unwanted animal is found on one of its trains, employees must now hand the animal over to an employee at the arriving station.

The latter will be responsible for calling an animal protection group.