Cat Janice, viral TikTok singer who gave rights to her son, has died

She was terminally ill with cancer and urged her fans on social media to listen to the song to help her 7-year-old son

she is dead Cat Janice 31-year-old singer and author of Dance Outta My Head. After suffering from cancer for some time, she gained some fame on social media by asking her followers to spread and listen to her song to help her seven-year-old son, to whom she had sold the rights, provide him with an income to leave the future behind. After his story, the solidarity chain immediately started on social media with the song “that means”. shot into the top ten in the worlddriven by TikTok and the many reshares.

Janice the cat died

The singer's brother announced the news of her death on his social media page: “Surrounded by her family, she peacefully entered the light and love of her heavenly Creator. We are forever grateful for the expressions of love she has received over the past few years. Months.” . Cat saw her music reach places she never imagined, and so she passed away peacefully, knowing that in this way she will continue to help her son with his music. Without you none of this would have been possible.” The message from the brother of Cat Janice Finally, he announces that “more art that he wants to share with fans” will be coming out soon.

the tumor

In 2022 Catherine Janice Ipsan, Better known as Cat Janice, she had experienced and defeated bone and soft tissue cancer, as well as undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2024, the cancer had returned and doctors had given her only a few months to live. For this reason, he decided to transfer the rights to his songs to his seven-year-old son Loren in order to provide him with a permanent income thanks to his mother's music. In a video last January on Tik Tok, he said: “I want my last song to bring joy and fun. Everything I've ever wanted in this long battle with cancer.” “Dance Outta My Head” is his latest song, which has climbed the Tik Tok Billboard Top 50 charts and into the top thanks to the virality achieved by the video 10 of the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs charted on Billboard.