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Catastrophe in the kitchen at USPP OD! | Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

An almost perfect dinner particularly Double cast started this Monday in the company of Stevens, Audrey, Robin, Rym And Patrick and culinary disasters were the order of the day.

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It was Stevens we went to and let's face it, the big jock might not be particularly comfortable in a kitchen. We followed him as he prepared for the three-course meal, which quickly turned into a disaster, with a botched béchamel sauce and forgetting water to cook the crème brûlées.

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Added to this is the incredibly long preparation and lack of time to finish your lasagna.

The young man even had to call his sweetheart Ines, with whom he won OD in the West, so that she could give him advice.

Consequence of a lack of preparation time?

Well… the former contestants were not entitled to the famous snail appetizer and were instead served a strong cocktail and a shot of tequila to replace the wait until the main meal!

Stevens went so far as to humorously turn the situation around by removing the entry in a black OD-style envelope.

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An evening where there was a lot of laughter and where Audrey even fell in love with one of the candidates at the table!

“Hey, Pat, he's my crush, he's good-looking, he's doing well, he's cute…” says the young woman about Patrick, whom she particularly appreciates for his openness at dinner… and also finds him charming.

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Who knows, maybe connections will emerge…

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The rest of the week with them promises to be legendary and entertaining as hell!

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An event not to be missed every night of the week from 6pm on the airwaves of Noovo and Noovo.ca.