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“Caused”; Following internet reactions, Lexa comments on MC Guimê wearing white underwear while bathing in BBB 23 and…


The singer also spoke about the longing she feels for her partner

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram by Lexa |  Photo 2: Reproduction/GloboPhoto 1: Reproduction/Instagram by Lexa | Photo 2: Reproduction/Globo

The singer Lexa has divided her time between work and looking at her husband MC Guimewhich is limited to the BBB 23. In social networks, the artist keeps commenting on what is happening in the house and recently entertained the Internet by talking about it Aftermath of the shower the funk singer wore white underwear to on the show.

“Guys Guime took a bath in white underwear again kkkk can’t do that,” he wrote on Twitter. Early this Monday (20th), before entering the avenue with Unidos da Tijuca, Lexa he returned to briefly comment on the impact of the picture. “Those white underwear caused it, but I’m fine. I washed my hands, there’s nothing to do. There’s no way to get in, is there? Knock on the door,” the singer joked in an interview with Gshow.

> Image: Playback/Instagram by Lexa

In a good mood, she even said when she saw it Cute director of the global reality show at Marquês da Sapucaí, wanted Ask him to ban the use of the white piece in custody. “I saw Boninho pass. I should have said: ‘Boninho, say you can’t wear white underwear’. “Caution, no white underwear. Kisses from Lexa’” he joked.

Finally, The longing for her partner is great, said the artist, but she remains firmly in the crowd to keep Guimê competitive: “I’m always walking around with my phone on, always cheering for him, seeing the evidence and defending him because he’s my best friend. You have to defend him,” he said.

Guimê gets emotional when he talks about Lexa

In prison, MC Guime often talks about his relationship too Lexa. He even got emotional recently when he mentioned his partner in a conversation: “My wife is my best friend. My wife’s family became my family, just as my family became her family,” he said, touched.