The Israeli army kills 250 Palestinians in the last 24

Ceasefire in Gaza is on the agenda of a meeting between the US, Egypt, Israel and Qatar Rede Brasil Atual

São Paulo Leaders from the United States, Egypt, Qatar and Israel met this Sunday (28) in France to begin drafting a twomonth ceasefire following the massacre carried out by the Israelis against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had. The information was published by European and American newspapers and news agencies. Military operations by the Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu have already caused the deaths of more than 26,000 people, including around 11,000 children and 7,500 women. There are still around 65,000 injured.

According to the Associated Press, a New Yorkbased news agency, the proposal put forward by U.S. officials calls for dividing the ceasefire into two periods of 30 days each. As a first step, Hamas, the political and military organization that governs the Gaza Strip, would release women, the elderly and injured Israeli hostages. Over the next 30 days, Israeli soldiers and male hostages would be released. In return, Israel would have to increase the permitted aid capacity for the Gaza Strip.

Pressure and obstacles

The meeting comes amid growing pressure on the United States and Netanyahu governments to curb the massacre of Palestinians. On Friday (26), American President Joe Biden held talks with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad alThani, the leader of Qatar, and Abdel Fatah alSisi, the President of Egypt. In a statement from the White House, Biden and Sisi agreed that “every effort must now be made to reach an agreement that leads to the release of all hostages and a prolonged humanitarian pause in fighting.”

In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has become increasingly isolated on the international stage and under pressure even within his own country. This week, dozens of family members of Israelis detained in Gaza invaded the Israeli parliament and called on the prime minister to take effective action to secure the release of the hostages. On the Palestinian side, however, Hamas has signaled more than once that it will only accept the release of hostages after a permanent ceasefire, a condition that was not included in this Sunday's talks.

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