Cegeps en spectacle the local finale on January 31st

Cégeps en spectacle: the local finale on January 31st – EnBeauce.com

The local final of Cégeps en spectacle will take place on January 31 at the Saint-Georges campus of Cégep Beauce-Appalaches.

The program includes ten daring and varied numbers, ranging from contemporary and urban dance to storytelling performances, slam and musical compositions, without forgetting unique and reimagined interpretations.

Performances include a contemporary dance duo, an urban breakdance solo, captivating storytelling, powerful slam performances, and musical performances ranging from pure instrumentals to original compositions.

“This unifying project brings together the forces of almost fifty passionate students who put their hearts on stage, in the work behind the scenes and in the organization to make this magnificent evening a success,” says Julie Beaudoin, the student’s life coach .

Show outside competition: Innu group Maten
The Innu Maten group, a musical group deeply rooted in indigenous culture and identity, will perform the non-competitive portion. Maten is an Innu group from Mani-utenam on the north coast of Quebec, anchored between the shores of the St. Lawrence River and the boreal forest. One of Maten's distinguishing features is her lyrics' commitment to her community, her language and her Innu roots. “This performance is part of Cégep Beauce-Appalaches’ desire to sensitize the younger generation to the reality of First Nations,” emphasizes Daniel Laflamme, associate director of studies and student life.

The services
Led by Harold Gilbert, the animation team provided a touch of humor for the transitions between numbers, mixing the local setting with the theme of “Beautiful Stories from the Neighbors Above.”

The performance will see Catherine Bégin and Chloé Racette dancing in a contemporary style, while Maxime Roy will offer choreography with breakdance inspiration. Albert Cliche and Justin Maheux will present a piano-guitar composition in which they can express their artistic vision through oratory.

Edouard Gagné will announce his slam demanding an end to the war, while Rachel Dallaire will tell the surprising legend of Caracasse in Casss. A duo from the Campus Sainte-Marie, made up of Marianne Felteau and Élizabeth Parent, will surprise with an original fusion of two well-known pieces by French-speaking artists, while the group Les indécis will perform a classic by Cowboys Fringants.

The group Septicémie, made up of seven artists, will delight the audience with their rock-metal creation. Océanne Lessard-Beaulieu will perform one of her texts in complete intimacy at the piano, while Alexis Proulx will perform two of his creations, with humor echoing with a touch of absurdity on his electric guitar.

In total, around twenty artists from Cégep will take part in the competition with the aim of qualifying for the regional finals. In addition to winning a $300 scholarship, the winning number of the Jury Prize will be awarded at the regional final on March 23 at the Cégep de Thetford. The national final will take place on April 27th at Cégep de Rimouski.

A Coup de Coeur Prize will also be awarded to the performance that most thrilled the audience. Tickets are available for $8 for students and $12 for adults through the online ticket office. They will also be available at the entrance on the evening of the event. For more information, call 418 228-8896, extension 2114.

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. in the Salle Alphonse-Desjardins.