1674362426 Celac will address the concerns of the people

Celac will address the concerns of the people


The 7 The Summit of Heads of State or Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) will deal with the concerns of our peoples, assured this Saturday the Argentine coordinator of this organization, Gustavo Martínez.

In statements to radio station La 990, the undersecretary of state for that country’s foreign ministry, who is also undersecretary of state, noted that during the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, “people’s concerns will be analyzed, including gender equality, climate change and the situation of the workforce.

Furthermore, he pointed out that delegations from the 33 member states of the integration mechanism had confirmed their participation.

He also specified that it will be a summit dedicated to strengthening dialogue with the European and African Unions, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China and India.

We want to show Celac as very united internally and very open to the rest of the world, he said, according to PL.

Recently, the spokeswoman for the Argentine Presidency, Gabriela Cerruti, indicated that the event will attract great interest across the region and will include debates on economic integration and the challenge of making Latin America an area of ​​peace and democracy.

In this sense, he warned of the consequences of the far-right policies implemented in some countries and explained that the recent attempted coup in Brazil and the situation in Peru were being analyzed.